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Access Control System

Gateman Inc is specialized in Repair & New installation

Telephone Entry

We are offering as of now are as follows AE-500, AE-1000 ,AE-2000 & Doorking phone systems are also available

Commercial Office

We carry variety of Products ( Linear, Doorking & LiftMaster), but with a higher level of personal services.

Card Readers, Fob

DK Prox, HID and AWID proximity card readers, all of which are compatible with New & existing Access Control System.


RFID Vehicle Tags offer a more accurate and secure way to allow access into various locations like a gated community.

911 System

911 box with FALCON or KNOX lock-box there are keys to access the gate or there is a switch whether it be a momentary or a toggle switch.


The LiftMaster LA500DCS Secondary Arm featured with Solar- ready Ultra reliable system, wireless dual gate communication.


About us

At Gatemaninc, we know our customers demand the best. For many years, homeowners and businesses throughout the Houston area have relied on us to provide quality fencing ,Access Control products and attentive, thoughtful service

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5223 Schuler St
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